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Sweetheart Bedroom Set (4 pcs)

Completed set of Sweetheart Twin Bedroom Set - 1 set available - Twin Bed with pink quilt, Dresser with mirror, Lingerie Chest & Night Stand. If ... more info
K088 GINGERBREAD Bakery Food

Zero Calorie Gingerbread Bakery Food - 1:48 Scale - 20 Trays of Bakery Goods (3 sizes) & 6 Cakes shaped like Christmas Tree & ... more info
Q681BC Bakery Case & Counter Kit

Bakery Case & Counter Kit have been combined into one kit - 1:48 Scale - they are also available as separate kits.
Q681G Planters x2 & Bench Kit

Planters (2) & Bench Kit - 1:48 Scale - for the front sidewalk of the Gingerbread Bakery.  Kit includes the plant foliage & the ... more info
Q681H Back Wall Pendant Lights (2)

The Back Wall Pendant Lights (2) are a finished item (not a kit).  They are made specifically to be glued into the two top center brackets of ... more info
Q681F Gingerbread Bakery Graphics Pkt

Gingerbread Bakery Graphic Packet includes all of the graphics used on the Back Wall Structure shown, a Gingerbread House Kit & 2 sizes of ... more info
Q681E 3 Leg Wall Tables (2) Kit

3 Leg Half Wall Tables (2) Kit - 1:48 Scale - Perfect for displaying the Gingerbread House (in Graphics Packet) and trays of Gingerbread food.
Q681D Slanted Shelves Kit

Slanted Shelves Kit - 1:48 Scale - Perfect for displaying some of the Gingerbread Bakery food trays.
Q681C Bakery Counter Kit

Bakery Counter Kit - 1:48 Scale - This kit makes a two sided counter - one side has 4 cubbies and the opposite side has two shelves.  It looks ... more info
Q681B Bakery Case Kit


Price: $12.00

Bakery Case Kit - 1:48 Scale - Kit includes a "glass" insert for the front of the Bakery Case.  Additional pictures show how mine was ... more info


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