Noah's Ark Room

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WORKSHOP TO BE TAUGHT AT NAME JOCKEYS & JULEPS LOUISVILLE KY - A framed Room Box just special to hold a collection of Noah’s Arks in 1/4” (1:48) scale.  Once we build the Frame Box and the removable Room Box you will start your collection with an Ark shaped Bookcase, set of 5 Shadow Box Noah’s Arks (using graphics), an elephant engraved fireplace topped with a Noah’s Ark sculpture that you can leave silver or paint.  The fireplace is flanked by wall units displaying antique Noah’s Arks complete with animals (graphics).  There will be plenty of room left for you to add more Arks and furniture.  The ceiling is highlighted with a stained glass Noah’s ark.  The room is lit by 2 MEGA LED lights, On/Off switch & AAA battery pack which are hidden in the “top” of the room box which just lifts off for easy access.  PLEASE DO NOT ADD THIS TO YOUR CART - IT IS NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL THE CONVENTION IN MAY 2018.


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