Q683 Curiosities Shop Kit


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Curiosities - 1:48 Scale Laser Cut Kit.  Eclectic is the description for decorating this shop. In English it is usually referred to as a 'Cabinet of Curiosities' & Wunderkammer is literally translated from German as "a room of wonder". If you want to check out a real life Curiosities Shop google Marsh's Free Museum (it is in Long Beach, WA) and is a great inspriration but I have not figured out how to miniaturize Jake the Alligator Man. The collections of Curiosities & Oddities commonly featured antiques, objects of natural history (such as stuffed animals, dried insects, shells, skeletons, shells, herbarium, fossils) and even works of art. This structure is 4-1/2” high x 4-1/2” wide & 3-3/4” deep. This is a 2 part structure – A Front Exterior Box and an Interior Box that is removable from the back. No lighting is required because there is an acrylic covered opening in the top.  All materials are included (except paint & glue) to finish the shop as shown.  Additional photos are below including one of the decorated interior - interior kits are available as a set or separately.  


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