Q686 Accessory Packet Kits


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Interior Kit includes kits & decorative accessories as listed here:  Q686A Interior Table & Shelves Kit, Q686B Dolphin Display Kit, Q686C Whale Tail Shelf Kit, Q686D Mermaid Surfboards & Rack Kit, Q686E Other Surfboards & Rack Kit, Q686F Seal Life Pedestals Kit, Q686G Graphics Packet, Q216D Mermaid Bench Kit, Q686H Mermaid Decor Kit, Q686J Sea Gulls Kit, Q686K Tote Bag Kit & Q686L Pillow Kit.  If you have a different vision or want to purchase the interior kits gradually, all of these kits are available separately below.  NOTE: The mermaid perched on the rocks & the seahorse on coral are available as a finished items but are not included in the interior kit package because I have a limited number available at this time.


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