Q698 Interior


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One each of the kits shown in this view of the Interior of Dream Dollhouses.  If you want the complete set - your choice OR the kits are  listed separately below (Q698A Furniture Displays, Q698B Book, Wood & Kit Displays, Q698C Cabinet Dollhouse, Q698D Set of 3 Dollhouses on Tables, Q698E Evelyn Dollhouse on Table & Q698F Set of 3 Dollhouses on Top Back Shelf).  It is not necessary to light the interior of this structure because it has a large acrylic covered opening in the top.  Because I display my kits at shows where the lighting is not always optimal I do light the interior of my shops.  If you look very closely at the ceiling at the front of the shop on the right & left you will see the Mega LED lights and the wire is run thru a small drilled hole in each back corner.  On the longer shops (ie Dream Dollhouses) I use 2 MEGA Daylight Led with 8" wire (T201) and a Battery Pack with on/off switch that holds 3 AAA batteries (T225).  You can also use the coin cell battery packs but the AAA batteries have a longer life.


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