Q698 Dream Dollhouses Kit


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Dream Dollhouses / 6 Alter Markt, Salzburg, Austria - 1/4" (1:48) Scale Laser Cut Kit.  6 Alter Markt is an existing building in Salzburg Austria that was the inspiration for this structure.  It has been decorated as a dollhouse shop and includes the "Dream Dollhouses" sign but it could be decorated in any theme you chose.  This is a 2 part structure – A Front Exterior Box and an Interior Box that is removable from the back. No lighting is required because there is an acrylic covered opening in the top.  The interior of the shop is 6” Wide, 3” High and 2-7/8” Deep so there is ample room to decorate.  All materials are included (except paint & glue) to finish the shop as shown (wallpaper & greenery/flowers included).  Additional photos are below including one of the decorated interior.  


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