Q693 The Sign of the Black Cat Kit


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The Sign of the Black Cat is the perfect shop for all things Halloween or witchy - I have finished it full of all the things a good witch needs - books, skulls, brooms, tonic and potions - limited only by the resident witch’s imagination.  This is a 2-part structure with a front exterior box and an interior box that is slightly smaller and is the removable interior of the shop.  No lighting is required since there is an acrylic covered opening in the top.  The cat silhouettes, cobwebs and ornate gate door are laser cut from 1/32” plywood for strength.  The ‘orange’ trim is copper metallic paint.  The outside dimensions are: 4-1/4" W x 3-1/8" D x 3-7/8" HThe kit includes everything to complete the shop as shown except glues & paints.   See photos below for the completed shop decorated with the optional kits available.


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