Q740C Cooler Kit


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Cooler Kit - 1:48 Scale Kit - The Cooler consists of 2 pieces - the Back section is an open shelf unit with 2 slotted shelves and the Front section fits over the Back section similar to a box lid.  NOTE:  LED light is not included in the kit but is available if you would like to add it to the Cooler.  If you would like to put a light in the cooler there is a small opening at the top of the Back section to run the LED light wires thru & down the back to an opening in the Floor.  You can then wire the cooler light into the Battery pack in the drawer so it works off the same switch as the Room lights.  If you are adding this after the fact or into a different structure I have the coin battery holders available.  See photo below showing the 2 sections.


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