Q680 White Rabbit Bakery Kit CLEARANCE


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CLEARANCE PRICED REMAINING STOCK 25% off Original Price ($73) NOTE: This was a limited edition of 50 kits only - as of today there are less than 10 left - Do you know why the White Rabbit is always very late for everything?  It seems he has a BAKERY because where else would they get all the food for Alice’s Tea Parties.  This 1:48 Scale kit is the “White Rabbit Bakery” with a bit of Alice theme to deck it out.  The Bakery is 4-1/2” high x 4-1/2” wide & 3-3/4” deep.  This is a 2 part structure – the Front/Exterior Box and the Interior Box that slides out of the back of the Exterior Box. No lighting is required because there is an acrylic covered opening in the top. The exterior is finished with a white wash printed faux brick paper.  I have included 2 sheets of plain white wash printed faux brick paper incase you do not want the Alice theme posters on the Side walls. Everything is included to complete the kit as shown with the exception of paint, black marker & glues.  The interior wallpaper is included. This is a Limited Edition of 50 kits only. NOTE: Furnishings used in the interior are available in the Structures Category under White Rabbit Bakery


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