T221 Lighting Kit Coin Cell Battery & MEGA LED WARM WHITE


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Lighting Packet includes one MEGA LED - WARM WHITE, one Coin Cell Battery with Switch, one Coil Cell Battery & two shrink tube plus directions.  I use this set up to light my smaller structure kit - White Rabbit Bakery, Mermaid Island, "On Island Time", The Dog House, The Cat Palace & Sign of the Black Cat.

Look at T220 listing for step by step pictures.

General steps to wire one of my structures show below -    #1 Glue the Mega LED as shown to the center front edge of the Interior Box -    #2 Stain a strip of white paper (if ceiling was stained) and use tacky glue to cover the wire (after you have threaded it thru the box back) -    #3 Drill a hole thru the back of the Interior Box as close to the top corner as possible -    #4 Thread the wire thru the hole -    #5 Put a shrink tube over one of the RED wires and twist the 2 ends of the red wires together - IMPORTANT TO TEST THE CONNECTION PRIOR TO SHRINKING THE TUBES - DO THIS BY PUTTING BATTERY IN HOLDER & CLICKING THE SWITCH -    #6 Slide the shrink tube over the twisted wires -     #7 Use matches or lighter to heat the shrink tube so it tightens over the twisted wires - REPEAT with the 2nd set of wires -      #8 Build the Battery Holder Box & glue to the back of the INTERIOR BOX.  Coil the excess wire & place in Battery Holder Box    

NOTE: You can shorten the wires before twisting together - they are coated so you need to lightly sand off the coating at the ends of the shortened wires - always test the connection before shrinking the tubes.


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